Sunday, March 22, 2009

This is my new blog space

Well, in an effort to reach the masses and to get my name out there more, I've restarted my blog. Not that I was a serious blogger to begin with. I maybe made 3 or 4 posts to my old blog, and truth be told, the only reason for starting a new one is because I've forgotten my old login credentials. Ugh...

I'm making an honest effort to get more up on my personal website (, to be more active on social media sites, and to better understand the future of the online world. One reason is due to changes in our industry, recruitment marketing, and how companies will attract new talent, and how people will search for jobs in the future - hell, now! There aren't many employers that welcome social media sites like FaceBook, Linkedin, Blogger, and Twitter, but Hodes does and that just proves to me that they are taking the steps to be successful in a very changing economic climate. 

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