Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thank God for radio.

A while back, in the fall I think, Halifax got a new radio station that focused on untapped modern rock genre. I say "untapped" because Halifax never had a "modern rock alternative" station. I found that odd because when I lived in Ottawa and then Toronto, and before moving back to Nova Scotia, I can remember hearing such great new music coming from here. Modern rock stations in my old home towns were all over bands like Joel Plaskett and The Trews, to name only a few. So when we moved back I was only listening to classic rock stations. Now don't get me wrong, I'm still am a big fan of the classics, but recently I've been exposed to some of the best new music I've heard in years.

When Live 105 launched, I discovered them by accident. I stumbled upon an article in the paper featuring Cub Carson and the new station, and his new morning show. I remembered listening to Cub in Ottawa, and I actually did work "way back in the day" with The Bear and their first website. So, I scanned up the dial and it's been set their ever since.

I joined their Facebook fan page as well. It adds an entirely new element to radio as a whole. Now with Facebook and Twitter, the experience is so much better than just a radio pumping out music in the background. On-air personalities are interacting with listeners and visa-versa, listeners comment on music which sometimes spawns great discussions, and requesting music has never been easier - just tweet it!

This whole social thing is also a fantastic value-add for advertisers as well. Those smart enough to understand what can be done to simply expand upon a radio spot will benefit.

I've gotten an even better benefit out of it as well. Because of the whole social experience, I've gotten the go ahead to produce cartoons for their on-air peeps. It started with Cub and Floyd's Morning Mob design which, because of Facebook, has gotten great feedback.

It got such great feedback that a second design for the Midday Meltdown was created and now a third for the afternoon drive show is in the works.

I love the smell of new music, and new illustrations. Thank God for radio.


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