Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Why Idiots Succeed The Second Time Around.

Note: The names of idiots have been removed and scenarios generalized.

I'm taking time out from a ridiculously crazy schedule of due dates and deadlines to to self-vent. My main issue right now is with the rising legions of incredible stupid people that I seem to be continuously forced to deal with on a daily basis.

Now of course not everyone I deal with is moronic. I have the great pleasure of being in the presence of some of the most intriguing and intelligent individuals and my interactions with them are quite rewarding. And it's those people who know me well enough that when I lose it - I lose it big.

Here is an example in point form:

  1. I provide a concept proof
  2. The proof gets approved as-is
  3. I'm instructed to proceed based on the approved proof
  4. I spend hours developing the project and provide finals
  5. Oops. There are design elements that were out of the scope-of-work.
  6. WTF? Why wasn't this pointed out before ALL THIS WORK?
  7. Total and utter derailment...

Somewhere between point 2 and 6 someone thought I had ESP and that I should have known about these changes after the fact. To be sure I am not having a lapse in memory I check all my email communications and discover that I am actually sane, and that my mental 'mission control' has just given me the go-ahead for blast off.

That's just one example. Maybe it comes down to seeing things like this play out day-after-day, year-after-year, that I have lost patience. What gets me even more irate is that the person(s), the moronic idiot(s), turn around and paint me as being difficult to deal with because I point out their mistakes and try and show how it can be easily remedied in future instances. Why don't they feel that wasting my time should irritate me, yet their time is too valuable to address the situation they have created? 

In the end, I will be expected fix the mistakes and eat the extra time... like we always end up doing. Why? Because it's been proven time-after-time that idiots who rush to please a client will get it wrong the first time, then expect me to spend countless amounts of non-billable time to get it right, for the idiot, the second time. 

Holy shit... maybe I'm the idiot.


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